Our Oceans Are Special

Serenity, abundance of life, incredible colors, peaceful, powerful

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Why I Photograph

Being underwater, taking photos, time stops. You spend time with wildlife that most of the time you never even knew existsed. The more time I spend, the more I realise how little we know, the more I see how our ocean are not valued, the tradgey of the commons. 

Photography for me, albeit a hobby, is a chance to inspire, to get people seeing things they havent seen before....and hopefully inspire them to get out, suck up a whole lot of nature and experinve it themselves. 

Beauty - our planet has an abundance of it. Photos are my way of capturing this beauty, sharing this beauty, a chance to take this beauty into your home, your office, wherever without needing to remove that beauty from nature. Man is the oddest animal, we see something beautiful, like a flower, we pick it, a beautiful bird, we want it in a cage, a beautiful fish, we want it in a tank ….sometimes beauty is best left exactly where it is. Photography lets me do this. 

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